Excellent FULL DC Inverter air conditioners conceived as a real part of furniture: built by high quality and innovative materials, carefully refined, smart look, fashion colours, making both look & feel a bit special.


Two-colour front panel: made of a special material satin white or glossy dark, treated with antistatic material able to limit dust deposit and keeping the unit clean longer. The front panel remain in a fixed position during normal operation, giving to the unit maximum smoothness and reliability.


Whole body of the indoor unit  ABS made, as this special material allow to achieve a hi-finishing feeling.


White and steely blue MicroLEDs built in a very shining metallic and glassy bar. A special function on the remote control allows you to disable MicroLEDs when needed (for example during the night).


Standard hi-wall or built-in installation: about 50% of unit thickness (84 mm) can be embedded not compromising its performances. A custom metallic chassis supplied by Technibel is the best way to built the unit in and connect it to the outdoor.


5 in 1: cooling, heating, dehumidifier, ventilation and filtering: You can select by remote control or leave to the microprocessor the automatic management of the unit.


Dioxide of Titanium (Ti02)  active filter system assuring high air quality in the rooms where the unit is installed: it performs a very important action in dust and impurities pulling down, bad smells prevention, bacteria and other micro organisms removal.


Acoustic noise close to the minimum perception level by humans; thanks to the FULL DC Inverter technology, we have the control of the compressor and fan speed together, reaching the best performance both for capacity and noise level. Close to the setpoint the indoor unit sound pressure is around 20 dB(A).


FULL DC Inverter technology – SVPWM 180° controlling compressor capacity, fan speed,and refrigerant flow.

The SVPWM180° modulation provides the maximum energy efficiency managing sine wave current for all 360° rotation of the synchronous permanent magnets motors used for the compressor and fan.


COP up to 5: energy efficiency beyond AA class. At the setpoint condition the electrical consumption can be reduced lower than 400 Watt.


Digital remote control with infrared wide range transmitter, multifunction, easy to use, LCD custom display, support for wall installation: setting everything such as operating modes, 1h & 24h timer, setpoint temperature, room temperature display, TiO2 filter activation, fan speed selection, flap swinging, high power or economy & night selection, SMD/SMT microLED switch off…


“IFEEL” feature: the sensor inside the remote control feels your comfort and communicate continuously with the electronic control system.


Multiaddress function”: allows to customize each remote control to drive one or more indoor units divided in groups.


“Economy & Night” function: automatically adjusts the setpoint according to the decrease of the body temperature during the night. You can take advantage of this function even during the day in order to reduce the electrical consumption.


i-Flap”: automatic intelligent management of the flap, according to the cooling or heating mode, giving you the best airflow inside your room. Anyway you can choose between one of the six fixed position by the proper key on the remote control.


From 10°C to 32°C: temperature regulation for every need, exclusive feature to keep a minimum temperature inside holidays homes at very low costs.


No stop operation during defrost: thanks to the special electronic control system, Techno/Techno 8 is able to defrost in a “no stop operation” mode avoiding the inlet of cool air inside the room.


-15°C in cooling and heating operation modes thanks to special hardware and software controls. The anti-freeze protections on the compressor and on the bottom plate of the outdoor unit are controlled by a microprocessor system.


Matchable with 2 types of outdoor units: GRF and GR8F.


Easy life for the installer & after sales services thanks to right or left refrigerant connections and condensate draining. No need to remove the unit for maintenance thanks to special inspection panels. Dual power supply feature, granting to supply the power from the indoor unit or indoor and outdoor independently. The full compliance with EN60335 safety standard, allows you to install the unit even at any height on the wall.


Ready for  connection to building automation control systems.


High quality metal housing outdoor units pre-treated to improve the strength of the polyester powders painting (no rust for 20 years in normal environmental conditions). The grille of the outdoor units is made of sunlight highly resistant plastic, with aerodynamic  contour in order to muffle the noise of the outdoor fan. The compressor is totally insulated with special deadening material giving maximum stillness also when operating at the top of R.P.M.


Ozone friendly air conditioner using R410A, fully complying with European standards


Just 1 Watt of consumption in stand-by mode!