·    The range of split air-conditioners designed for ‘low-temperature’ air conditioning, with temperatures between 12 and 18°C, for premises such as wine cellars, florists’ storerooms, bin storage units, etc.

·    Maintaining a temperature between 12 and 18°C helps to limit the growth of harmful bacteria, therefore ensuring better standards of hygiene.

·    The interior unit can be mounted vertically against a wall as standard, or ceiling mounted in order to keep maximum floor space free.

·   Able to operate with an outdoor air temperature up to -15°C.

·    Single-phase version.

·    Electrical heater (optional).

·    Electromechanical thermostat or electronic thermostat with 3 fan speeds available as accessory.

·    Alternatively hygrothermostat, which needs the electrical heater and can pilot a humidifier.