Ceiling straight cooling and heat pump air conditioner

    PAM DC Inverter technology

    Automatic change-over between cooling and heating modes

    Special function during heat pump start-up and defrosting cycle to avoid cool air emission in the room

    Among controls available for this kind of indoor unit (all optional): the infrared remote control, equipped with a 24h digital timer and a temperature sensor granting automatically the best comfort conditions ("I Feel" feature); a special wired controller with configuration, diagnostic and weekly timer capabilities

    Night set back capability

    Dry function

    Three-speed centrifugal fan by remote control, granting a better and low noise air diffusion

    Horizontal flap swinging or to be set on a fixed position by remote control, with automatic positioning according to selected mode (cooling or heating)

    Washable air filters

    Dynamic refrigerant control by DC Inverter compressor and circuit, electronic valve and fuzzy logic managed by a powerful microprocessor

    Auto restart after a power supply black out

    Electronic protection against over-pressures

    Wide operating range with outdoor air temperatures up to -15C in both cooling and heating modes

   Single-phase and three phase power supply

   Double rotary compressor