Split portable air conditioner, with a small

condensing case, specifically projected to

be placed on balcony or window

    Weekly programmable digital timer and

electronic thermostat (models SMDV93C5T)

    Infrared remote control with digital

24 h timer, night set back, start-up of air-

conditioning or dehumidifying or

ventilation only modes, temperature

digital adjustment and room temperature

control by a special sensor inside the

remote control (models SMDF115C5T

and SMDF145C5T)

    Double temperature sensor (on remote

control and on indoor unit)

    Frontal air-intake, making possible its

placement even between two walls

    Automatic condensate vaporization

through the case

    AeroQuip quick connectors to easily

disconnect and re-connect the outdoor

unit for a fixed installation

    Adjustable air louver, granting the best

fresh air diffusion

    Washable air filters

    Auto restart after a power supply black


    Electronic protection against over-


    High efficiency rotary compressor

    Easy to move thanks to its comfortable

handles and special multidirectional


    Accessories for the outside fixed

installation of the case supplied with the


    Optional pipe-extension kits connecting

Indoor and Outdoor units (2 and 4m)