Refrigerant: R 410 A

Compact appliances

Quality components:

- Twin rotary DC inverter compressor with sound insulation

- High-efciency heat exchanger with ns for R 410 A

- Helicoidal fan motor

- Plate heat exchanger in AISI 316 stainless steel with heat insulation, ...

Hydronic module (HK):

- 3-speed circulation pump

- Air vent

- Manometer

- Hydraulic lter

Control system functions:

There are 2 parts:

Monitoring/control assembly, with INVERTER technology, for the thermodynamic circuit which can be used:

- to activate the compressor at various speeds,

- to activate the fan at various speeds,

- to activate the electronic regulator and the cycle inversion valve.

System monitoring/control assembly. Integrated into the heat pump, can be used:

- to activate thermodynamic heating with permanent monitoring of the power requirements of the system,

- to activate the heat pump circulation pump (with anti-freeze and anti-seize functions),

- to manage system alarms through event logging.

Other advantages:

- Easy access to components

- Easy to install

- Stringent manufacturing inspections: helium waterproofing test, electric and dielectric test, hydraulic test, etc...

Heating (and cooling depending on applications)

Existing system

Heat pumps for boiler replacement

COP from of 3,91 to 4,03

Power varies from 32 to 130% of the nominal power

Heating mode operation from -20C to +35C

Cooling mode operation from +10C to +43C

Max. temperature of hot water generated in Heating mode: 50C

Standard equipment:

- Regulation of INVERTER technology with electronic regulator

- Water flow rate sensor

- Proportional "four seasons" regulation

- Water filter (to be connected)

- Hydraulic equipment

- System control box and outdoor temperature sensor