These units include all the hydraulic

components of a traditional installation

(buffer tank, circulation pump, check

valves, etc...)..

Standard equipment

ON/OFF main switch

remote on/off and cooling/heating switch

HP and LP switches

water flow switch

phase sequence tester

hydraulic equipment

hydraulic filter (connectable)

condenser coil protection grille (PMHRV

2022 to 2072)

1 refrigerating circuit (PMHRV 2022 to


1 compressor (PMHRV 2022 to 2036)

2 refrigerating circuits (PMHRV 2044 to


2 compressors (PMHRV 2044 to 2072)

2 x 2 compressors (PMHRV 2088 to 2144)

Factory-fitted options

proportional head pressure control

remote Chiller control keyboard and


HP and LP gauges

Safety pump

Antifreeze hydraulic unit

Back-up heating (PMHRV 2022 2072)

Fan booster

Protection grilles (PMHRV 2088 2144)

NOTE: Protection grilles prevent access to

the compressor compartment and the

batteries. They are obligatory if the product

is installed in a place where access is not

protected or monitored.


Water hoses

Set of 4 anti-vibration plates

Set of 6 anti-vibration plates