Refrigerant: R 410 A

Compact appliances: 1390 x 340 x 1380 mm

Quality components:

- Twin rotary DC inverter compressor with sound insulation

- High-efciency heat exchanger with ns for R 410 A

- Helicoidal fan motor

- Plate heat exchanger in AISI 316 stainless steel with heat insulation, ...

Hydronic module:

- 3-speed circulation pump

- Expansion tank

- Safety valve

- Air vent

- Manometer

- Hydraulic lter

Control system functions:

There are 2 parts:

Monitoring/control assembly, with INVERTER technology, for the thermodynamic circuit which can be used:

- to activate the compressor at various speeds,

- to activate the fan at various speeds,

- to activate the electronic regulator and the cycle inversion valve.

System monitoring/control assembly. Integrated into the heat pump, can be used:

- to activate thermodynamic heating with permanent monitoring of the power requirements of the system,

- to activate the integrated electric heating module,

- to activate the heat pump circulation pump (with anti-freeze and anti-seize functions),

- to manage system alarms through event logging.

Integrated electric module:

- 4 or 6 kw (1st step of 2 or 4 kw ; 2nd step of 2 kw)

- heat protection and water pressure switch

Other advantages:

- Easy access to components

- Dividing panel between the fan and the machinery compartment

- Control panel can be removed for a wider opening

- Stringent manufacturing inspections: helium waterproofing test, electric and dielectric test, hydraulic test, etc...

Heating and Cooling

New installation and restructuring

COP of 4 and 4,02

Power varies from 32 to 130% of the nominal power

Heating mode operation from -20C to +35C

Cooling mode operation from +10C to +43C

Max. temperature of hot water generated in Heating mode: 50C

Standard equipment:

- Regulation of INVERTER technology with electronic regulator

- Water flow rate sensor

- Proportional "four seasons" regulation

- Low pressure switch

- High pressure switch

- Water filter (to be connected)

- Hydraulic equipment

- Electric module

- System control box and outdoor temperature sensor