Air conditioner or dehumidifier only, it

is useful in all year seasons

          Infrared remote control with 24h digital

timer, night set back, start-up of air-

conditioning or dehumidifying or three-

speed ventilation only modes,

temperature digital adjustment and

room temperature control by a special

sensor inside the remote control

          Automatic condensate vaporization

through the pipe for the elimination of

the hot air; this function, operating at

medium and maximum fan speeds,

avoids stops due to tank filling,

particularly annoying during the night

          Adjustable air louver, granting the best

fresh air diffusion

          Washable air filters

          Auto restart after a power supply black


          Electronic protection against over


          High efficiency rotary compressor

          Easy to move thanks to its special

multidirectional wheels

          Useful cable winding space on the rear

          Flexible tube, kit for window application

and porthole kit included