Packaged double-duct straight cooling air conditioner without outdoor unit

    Water radiator

    Air condensation by means of two ducts connected outside

    To be installed on a perimetral wall

    Infrared remote control with 4 digital timers to be set on the 24h and week-end

    Double temperature sensor (on the unit and inside the remote control); double temperature indication (set and room)

    "I Feel" feature

    "Dry only" feature

    "Ventilation only" feature

    "Sleep" function with night set-back capability

    Horizontal flap swinging or to be set to a fixed position by remote control

    Vertical flap by manual control

    Washable filters

    Variable speed of the condensing fan to reduce at minimum the external noise

    Three-speed tangential fan with auto or speed manual selection

    "Cold Draft Prevention" device with water temperature < 40C in water radiator mode

    High precision thermostat with adjustment from 6C to 40C in water radiator mode

    Auto restart after a black out, saving all feature parameters set before the power failure

    Electronic protection against over-pressures

    HFC refrigerant R410A

    High efficiency rotary compressor

    Optional joint kit for hydraulic connection to the heating plant (necessary only in water radiator mode)

    Three-way bypass valve included in the water connection module

    Special optional support kit of two small feet for floor installations (glass walls, etc.)