FULL DC Inverter technology – SVPWM 180°, with contemporary modulation of all basic parameters: compressor capacity, outdoor unit fan speed and refrigerant flow


Sound pressure just over 20 dB(A), near the setpoint.


Two nominal capacities, from 1 to 4,5 kW.


C.O.P. over 4: beyond AA class

Minimum consumption near comfort conditions below 300W.


Less than 1W consumption in stand-by mode


Easy life for the installer: maximum flexibility of installation; condensate discharge on the right or on the left


Digital remote control with double infrared wide range transmitters and sensor incorporated


«Ifeel» as default feature: the comfort just in the exact point in which the remote control is placed


«Progressive Cooling», to have the desired fresh with softness


«High Power», the “turbo” feature to have immediately the maximum cooling or heating


Dioxide of Titanium - TiO2 – active filter system, to wipe dust, microorganisms, viruses and bacteria


Four-speed tangential fan


Temperature regulation from 10°C to 32°C, both in cooling and heating modes


“Economy & Night”, to further reduce the energy consumption


i-Flap”, automatic intelligent management of the flap, according to the cooling or heating mode, for the airflow optimization


“Multi-addressing”, to  manage with a single remote control up to 4 indoor units installed in the same room


No stop operation in heating during defrost


Electrical protections on both indoor and outdoor units


Totally insulated compressor with a special sound-absorbing material, for maximum silence even at maximum rpm