Thermodynamic water heater with integrated heat pump

Excellent COP: 4.0 +15C/+45C

Cylinder capacity: 300 litres

Max. temperature of hot water generated in Heating mode: 60C

Operation from - 5C to + 35C in thermodynamic mode (heat pump)

Adjustable feet

Refrigerant fluid R 134 A

Low noise level: 36 dBA

Limited height: 1637 mm

Quality components:

- Rotary compressor with sound insulation

- High efficiency heat exchanger

- 2-speed pressure fan available

- Knock-resistant coating

- Electronic regulation is intuitive and simple (for users and assistance personnel alike)

- Thermostatic regulator

- High-pressure switch

- Temperature sensor for control and regulation

- Integrated electric heating element with safety thermostat

- Dryer filter

- Protective anode

Enamelled steel tank

Rustproof magnesium anode

Regulation operating mode:

- Eco mode (Thermodynamic heating)

- Turbo mode (forces the heating element for faster thermodynamic heating + heating element)

- Day/Night hourly programming

- Holiday programming

- Load disconnection

- Dry contact for fan control (e.g. hygrostat)

- Anti-Legionella cycle can be programmed

Complementary 1.5 kW electric module functions:

- It begins operating to guarantee a minimum DHW temperature between 38C and 43C

- It begins operating when the outdoor temperature is outside the operating interval

- It begins operating in the event of a malfunction

- It begins operating when the user selects Turbo mode

Other advantages:

- Appliance can be ducted to recover heat from the air outdoors, up to 10 m of ducting can be used (flow and return)

- The appliance is easy to transport and to install because it is not very tall

Integration with solar thermal plant (LIBERTY SOLAR)