Floor/ceiling indoor unit for Multi-Package DC Inverter systems

    Automatic change-over between cooling and heating modes

    Special function during heat pump start-up and defrosting cycle to avoid cool air emission in the room

    Night set back capability

    Among controls available for this kind of indoor unit (all optional):

-    the infrared remote control, equipped with a 24h digital timer and a temperature sensor granting automatically

the best comfort conditions ("I Feel" feature);

-    a special wired controller with configuration, diagnostic and weekly timer capabilities

    "I Feel" feature and temperature sensor inside the remote control

    Dry function

    New three-speed tangential fan by remote control, granting a better and low noise air diffusion

    Horizontal flap swinging or to be set on a fixed position by remote control

    Vertical flap by manual control

    Anti-mould and anti-bacteria washable filter

    Optional active carbon filters