DC Inverter Outdoor units for two-way Multiset V.R.F. systems

    A new series of Outdoor units caracterized by:

-    compactness, making units easier to position;

-    smaller pipeworks, making material costs lower;

-    flexibility of installation;

-    high efficiency (C.O.P.at the top of the range: 3,90 average cooling/heating for the 8HP units)

-    reduced life cycle costs;

-    accurate capacity control;

-    possibility to choose among a wide range of control options.

    Maximum number of Outdoor unuts connectables: 3.

    Maximum total power of the system: 135 kW ( 48 HP).

    Maximum number of Indoor units connectable: 40.

    Twin Rotary DC Inverter compressor, highly efficient at low rotation frequencies;R410A HFC refrigerant.

    Fan with direct current motor that allows a consumption reduction of about 50% and a speed modulation up to 16 steps in spite of the usual 4 steps of the alternate current motors; this performance increases the efficiency of the thermodynamic system which is able to best adapt to the variations of temperature and thermal load of the rooms.

    The use of a special oil sensor allows, for the first time in the world, to keep under control the lubrification of the mechanical parts of the compressor.

    Special air intakes and Double Chamber construction technology allowed to unify the dimensions of the units, making easier the closing up for multiple installatios in which two units can be placed at a distance of only 10 cm one from the other, the smaller distance available.

    Low sound level thanks to a special fan made of resin and a particular resin grille, designed and used for these units in order to minimize air pressure drops.

    New high efficiency Cross-Arranged heat exchanger with three-way suction, divided in two sections with double control of defronsting cycle.

    Pressure control automatic and by software on PC.

    Pipe connession inside the unit frame through a special space to be closed back when the installation is finished

    Equipped with Fault-Tolerant system granting in multiple installations the operation of the air conditioning system also in case of total stop of one condensing unit.

    Support to Long-Life system that, in multiple installations, allows a cyclic use of the condensing units, granting a balance of the compressors activity.

    Wide range of outdoor air temperature: from -10C to +43C in cooling mode and from -20C to +15C in heating mode.

    Maximum lenght of the refrigerant circuit extended to 300 m.

    The refrigerant circuit doesn't require distribution apparatus downstream of the unit as it can be realized with a tree structure using only the special distributor accessories; this feature facilitates any type of system widening, by adding both outdoor and indoor units.

    Three-phase autosense power supply 380-415/3N/50Hz.