The Mini Multiset V.R.F. DC Inverter System is the new frontier of technology, specifically thought for residential and light commercial applications

High efficiency DC Inverter Compressor, circuit DCI PAM (Dc Inverter Pulse Amplitude modulation), maximum of 9 indoor units connectable to 1 outdoor unit. DC Inverter Fan


Variable Refrigerant Flow: continuous regulation of the refrigerant flow rate in the circuit of an air conditioning system able to give the best in term of comfort, with very high efficiency levels (E.E.R. up to 4,06)


The most ecological and efficient refrigerant available for air conditioning systems of this level of thermal capacity



Reduced dimensions of the outdoor unit



Three sizes available: 4-5-6 HP


230 VOLT

Single-phase (230/1/50) power supply

150 m

Refrigerant circuit of a maximum length of 150 m, to be realized with a big save of time thanks to the reduced pipe dimension and to the simple tree structure that makes widening easy, not requiring any installation of expensive concentrator apparatus


LAN (Local Area Network)

For the interconnection of all the indoor/outdoor units and the system controls, realized with two wiring cables without polarization; the intelligent controllers are able to auto set all the units, simplifying and reducing to minimum the time-to-start



Low sound levels thanks to the special fans and to the careful study of the air movements in suction




The wide range of outdoor air temperature supported allows the operation even in extreme conditions:

from -10C to +43C in cooling mode

from -20C to +15,5C in heating mode



Indoor units, controllers (all optional) and accessories are the same as those of 2-way and 3-way Multiset V.R.F.DCI