Multisplit cooling and heat pump air conditioner for cooling, dehumidification and heating modes

    DC Inverter technology - R410A

    Two refrigerant valves (GRF194MR5I), three refrigerant valves (GRF244MR5I), four refrigerant valves (GRF314MR5I) controlled by an electronic microprocessor system

    Fully mixed matching possibility of the indoor units (high-wall, cassette, ducted, floor and floor/ceiling): for more information on the indoor units and their possible matchings see the following pages

    With a proper connection of the cassette or ducted indoor units it is possible to manage up to two groups of two rooms each or one single room with four air sendout points (GRF194MR5I);two groups of three rooms each or one single room with six air sendout points (GRF244MR5I); two groups of four rooms each or one single room with eight air sendout points (GRF314MR5I)

    Each indoor unit is managed by its own remote control

    In case more indoor units are installed in the same room, it is possible to address each remote control to its own indoor unit only, so that to avoid any interference

    It works with at least two indoor units connected

    Single-phase power supply 230/1/50

    Electronic protection against over-pressures

    Double rotary DC inverter compressor

    Plug kit for condensate drain holes on outdoor unit base (optional)