·   Ducted straight cooling air conditioner with optional two-way air duct

·    Available in “L” version with capability to run up to -15°C on external environment temperature and three-phase (400/3N/50)

·    Special  infrared receiver and  remote control with 24h digital timer and full features control

·    Temperature sensor inside the remote control

·    “Auto I Feel” feature, give you the best comfort conditions

·    Dry function

·    Three-speed centrifugal fan by remote control and feature to increase speed/pressure (from 5 to 7 mm c.a.)

·    Night set back capability

·    Anti-mould and anti-bacteria washable filters

·    Integrated pump for condensate discharge 

·    Auto restart after a power supply black out

·    Over-pressure electronic protection of the compressor

·    High efficiency rotary compressor