Three/Four way Ducted indoor unit to be matched with Mini Multiset and Multiset V.R.F. DC Inverter systems

    Automatic change-over between cooling and heating modes

    Special function during heat pump start-up and defrosting cycle to avoid cool air emission in the room

    Night set back capability

    To be managed by the wired and wireless controllers of the Multiset V.R.F. DC Inverter systems (all optional)

    "I Feel" feature and temperature sensor inside the remote control

    Dry function

    Three-speed centrifugal fan by remote control and feature to increase speed/pressure (from 5 to 10 mm W.G.)

    Integrated pump for condensate discharge

    Connection for fresh air intake by optional kit

    Dynamic refrigerant control by DC Inverter compressor and circuit, electronic valve and fuzzy logic managed by a powerful microprocessor