Straight cooling and heat pump split air


    Ozone friendly refrigerant R410A (HFC)

    Automatic change-over between cooling

and heating modes

    Infrared remote control, 24h digital timer,

4-addressing possibility, double

temperature sensor (on the unit and

inside the remote control)

    Usable also without remote control

    "I Feel" feature, granting the best comfort


    Dry function

    Night set-back capability

    Three-speed tangential fan by remote


    Horizontal flap by remote control:

swinging (auto) or six fixed positions

    Vertical flap with rear protection grille

allowing a safe installation of the indoor

unit also at low distance from the floor

(min. 1,7 mt)

    Washable air filters; active carbon filters


    Double condensate discharge (right/left)

to make easier the installation

    High efficiency rotary compressor

    Auto restart after a power supply black


    Electronic protection of the indoor units:

anti-freeze; heating function disabled

during defrosting cycle, electronic

protection against over-pressures

    Anti-freeze protection of the outdoor unit

    Service contact for on/off unit operation;

alarm contact

    Self-diagnostic functions