The very complete standard equipment

enables safe, simple and quick


The phase sequence controller ensures

the safety of your SCROLL compressor in

the event of phase reversal.

These compact water chillers can be easily

integrated, both on a roof or on the

ground; needed space around the unit is


Hydraulic equipment:

- insulated buffer tank

- water pump with control valves

- expansion tank

- safety valve

- air vent,

Quality components:

- scroll compressor with sound insulation

- air heat exchanger: copper tubes with

aluminium fins

- direct drive axial fans

- stainless steel brazed plate heat

exchanger protected against freezing and


- switchbox

Automatic switching of the compressor

running order ensures that they age at

exactly the same rate.

Low noise thanks to the use of

compressors fitted with sound-proofing

and anti-vibration pads and fans with

two-speed rotation.

Maintenance made easy:

- all accessing and connecting is carried out

at the front

- all panels can be removed

- two completely independent refrigerant


- electronic controller: easy to see

setpoints, adjustments, parameters and


- three hierarchical access levels (user,

installer, maintenance engineer)

- alarms.

    Standard equipment:

- ON/OFF main switch

- proportional head pressure control

- HP and LP switches

- water flow switch

- phase sequence tester

- hydraulic equipment

- hydraulic filter (connectable)

- condenser coil protection grille