• High quality components:

- scroll compressor with sound insulation

- high performance heat exchanger with fins for R 410 A

- axial fan motor

- heat exchanger with AISI 316 stainless steel plates and heat insulation, etc.…

• Hydraulic equipment

• Functions of the control system:

- Reducing of the minimum water volume

- Adjustment of the condensation pressure

- Automatic control of the circulating pump (anti-freeze and anti-seize function)

- Alarm management by means of event logging

- External communication by a serial interface (Protocol Modbus)

• Other advantages:

- Improved access to components

- Keypad/display fitted to the front panel

- Dividing bulkhead between the fan and the machinery compartment

- Option of removing the ‘control’ panel for a wider opening

- Stringent manufacturing inspections: Helium waterproof test, di-electrical and electrical test, hydraulic test

·    Refrigerant fluid: R 410 A

·    Excellent EER

·    The lowest noise levels on the market

·    More compact units:

   1190 x 340 x 735 mm

   1190 x 340 x 1235 mm

·    Standard equipment:

-  Water flow switch

-  Proportional head pressure control

-  LP switch

-  HP switch

-  Hydraulic filter (connectable)

-  Hydraulic equipment