Cassette straight cooling and heat pump air conditioner

    Available also in "L" version, able to run with an outdoor air temperature up to -10C

    Automatic change-over between cooling and heating modes (heat pump model)

    Infrared remote control with 4 digital timers to be set on the 24h and week-end

    Double temperature sensor (on the unit and inside the remote control)

    "I Feel" feature, granting the best comfort conditions

    Dry function

    Three-speed centrifugal fan by remote control

    Night set back capability

    Heating function disabled during defrosting cycle (heat pump model)

    Four horizontal flaps swinging by remote control

    Anti-mould and anti-bacteria washable filters

    Integrated pump for condensate discharge

    Auto restart after a power supply black out

    Electronic protection against over-pressures

    High efficiency rotary compressor