X3 DC inverter series is highly efficient and provides immediate and continuous comfort with low energy consumption.

Moreover, some technological features are designed to reduce peak consumption to improve the functioning at low temperatures.



·          G10 Inverter technology : low consumption, low noise, more precise temperature control

·          ERP compliant; just 0.5 watt consumption in stand-by

·          Compact & Linear Design, high-gloss pure white finishing

·          Central very discreet display on the front panel

·          Digital remote control with LCD display

·          Different airflow settings; 4 fan speeds

·          Programmable timer

·           “I feel”: ensures the desired temperature in the precise place where you place the remote control

·           “Turbo” Function

·          “Memory” Function

·          “Comfortable Sleep” mode

·          “Auto clean” of the indoor heat exchanger

·          “Intelligent defrost”: defrost process is not activated unnecessarily, allowing significant energy saving

·          “Cold draft prevention”: it prevents cold air entering during the heating function

·          “Low Voltage start-up”: low consumption at start-up, no impact on the use of other electrical appliances

·          Self-diagnosis

·          Optimized airflow in cooling and heating



“Cold plasma” air purification system grants

·          Air sterilization with removing over 90% of bacteria

·          Odors removal

·          Improved air quality thanks to negative ions increasing