Elegant and discreet, available in sizes A (MPAFI) and B (MPA9FI), an indoor unit to suit all tastes, suitable for all settings both in terms of design and heat output.


The casing for model MPAFI/MPA9FI is treated using a photo engraving technique to obtain a satin effect on the plastic, this is done during the injection stage and no further treatments are applied. You can see the quality of the material and manufacturing process used with the naked eye, this sets the MPAFI/MPA9FI unit apart from other white wall-mounted indoor units.


MPAFI/MPA9FI allows condensation discharge to the right or left, it has LEDs that can be deactivated and washable filters, it is compact and easy to install.


Mesh filters with optional odour-capturing activated charcoal filter: The optional activated charcoal filter is comprised of a layer of synthetic material folded to increase the filtering surface area and treated with a professional anti-bacterial solution, combined with an activated charcoal mesh. Activated charcoal is a material mainly made up of carbon in the form of graphite micro crystals treated in such a way as to create a porous structure with a vast internal surface area. When the forced air flow passes through the filter element, the charge of static energy allows the filter to trap even the smallest particles of pollutants and allergens, down to a size of 0.01 microns. The activated charcoal layer attracts and absorbs the organic molecules responsible for unpleasant odours, eliminating them completely.


MPAFI e MPA9FI are very quiet: only 23 dB(A).


Dynamic Cold Draft, an active protection system preventing the emission of air that is noticeably colder than ambient temperature during heating operation and particularly during defrost stages.

Antifreeze, this protection system prevents the formation of ice on the indoor unit heat exchanger when the system is working in cooling mode and there are particular temperature and humidity conditions.

Temperature settings from +10C to +32C both in cooling and heating modes; the units can therefore be used for indoor low ambient temperature applications such as in cellars, server rooms and radio stations... They can also be used to maintain a minimum temperature in spaces that are unused during weekends such as offices and shops, or places that are unused during the week such as holiday homes in the mountains or at the seaside...

iFEEL function, a comparative function that ensures optimum temperature settings based on the values read at the remote control sensor, the sensor in the indoor unit and the resulting ambient temperature stratification conditions, which are always different from one room to another.

Wide range IR receiver, this receives the remote control signal even under difficult conditions. It is equipped with a noise canceller for complete immunity from interference generated by low energy consumption fluorescent bulbs.

Hardware or software addressing of units for recognition on communication bus RS485.

Remote control addressing for the management of one or more grouped indoor units, up to a maximum of four units. This function is useful where several indoor units are situated in a large space (open space offices, hotel reception rooms, restaurants, etc...), and need to be controlled either by one or several remote controls.

Five operating modes: automatic, cool, heat, dehumidify and fan.

Night Function for maximum operating economy during the night without compromising comfort.

High Power Function, when maximum power is required straight away.

Active/passive air filters: all air/air units are equipped with washable mesh filters.

Intelligent air flap control based on operating mode, which when combined with the iFEEL function offers the maximum in comfort to counter air temperature stratification effects.

Automatic fan (or manual fan) to provide maximum heat (when required) and the right amount of cool, without creating annoying cold air draughts or excessive amounts of hot air.

Timer for programming the operating times of each individual indoor unit, with weekend and holiday controls.

Wireless and wired universal remote control for all iSERIES indoor units, with multi-function keypad, LCD graphic display, wall mount and wired connection.

Elegant ergonomic interface with discreet micro LEDs that can be deactivated via remote control, particularly useful for those that prefer complete darkness at night.

Protective grilles, which offer the maximum in safety in compliance with standard EN60335. This allows for installation even at low heights where children could otherwise potentially touch moving parts such as fans and motors.

Heat exchangers in high quality copper/aluminium with inorganic hydrophilic aluminium, which does not emit odours and provides top performance in heat exchange output and efficiency.

Plastic materials with high quality looks and functional properties (improved thermal stability). As green as possible thanks to the use of noble acrylics such as PMMA, pure ABS for the parts on view and recycled PS for the internal structures.