CAW, the cassette unit for dropped ceilings that we can often observe above our heads in public spaces, offices, shops and restaurants. Unitís structure is made by galvanized steel, externally and internally insulated with heat and soundproof materials. Now the range is available with DC inverter technology drain pump included.

Mandatory accessory: 3-way valve kit.


Cassette 2 and 4 pipes, available in the sizes A, B and C


Easy installation and discharge


Perfect integration


Flocked anti-condensation flaps


Body in anti corrosion metal


Simple and convenient maintenance


Wireless or wired universal digital remote control


Maximum condensate pump head: 200 mm (CAW 3/4/5) or 250 mm (CAW 6/8/10)


Digital remote control with iFeel function


Fan speed management (high speed, medium speed, low speed, auto, silent mode)