AG-WT10, a modern and elegant wall mounted indoor unit, equipped with a soft led and display interface and a design that can be easily integrated in any kind of residential and commercial environment.


AG-WT10 is made in a compact and efficient structure in high quality PS, finished in polished white, easy to be installed and equipped with a double condensate discharge (left or right). This unit is perfect for any kind of residential and commercial application, offering an high level of comfort in the whole range of operational temperatures.


AG-WT10 is available in the two standard A & B size of iSeries indoor units covering the typical applications of the high wall; AG-WT10 offers a MMI interface very soft, composed by led/symbols and a numerical display that, as iSeries tradition, could be disabled by remote control in order to have quite nights without light during sleep at night.


AG-WT10 is equipped with a first level washable filter to protect the exchanger and with a monolithic electronic plasma fillter that does not require any maintenance and it is managed by the remote control; the plasma filter is able to make oxidation of bacteria and many organic and inorganic pollution particulate.